Migration Research at The University of Sheffield is an interdisciplinary network of scholars conducting world-leading and high impact research on global migration and mobility. Our approach is informed by a broad understanding of migration encompassing motives for migration, effects on sending and destination countries, as well as the broad range of impacts (legal, social, economic and political) and experiences of migration in various geographical regions.


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SP&S Annual Lecture 2018

‘Social Policy & Society’ Annual Lecture 2018: “Migration-Induced Social Change in Poland” with Professor Izabela Grabowska

The second Annual Lecture of the Journal Social Policy & Society, sponsored by Cambridge University Press in association with the Noble Foundation, will be held in the Diamond at the University of Sheffield on the 18th of April at 5.15 pm. Everyone is welcome but registration is essential.

The lecture focuses on ‘Migration-Induced Social Change in Poland’ and will be delivered by Professor Izabela Grabowska from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. The lecture will be followed by a wine reception at the same venue, finishing at 7.00 pm. Information about the lecture can be found below:

Migration-Induced Social Change in Poland

To capture the impact of migration on a single, sending country (Poland in this case) is not an easy task. It requires that we disentangle the migratory outcomes from those of more general societal changes, happening retrospectively, in the present time and prospectively. This lecture will offer the methodological device of ‘an inside-out’ approach (White 2016), which suggests that migration needs to be analysed not as a forefront, isolated and individual process but complementary to the wide general societal trends and conditions. Special focus will be given to the grass-root social change, ‘hand-made’ by return migrants with the help of migratory social remittances as local forms of social and cultural diffusion (Grabowska et al. 2017). The lecture will be based on the wide array of quantitative and qualitative data documented in the forthcoming book The Impact of Migration on Poland: Mobility and Social Change (with Anne White, Pawel Kaczmarczyk and Krystyna Slany, UCL Press) in which the Polish society is discussed in light of other ‘new EU countries’ of Central and Eastern Europe. The lecture takes up some of the themes addressed in an article to be submitted to the Journal Social Policy & Society.

Professor Izabela Grabowska is a Sociologist and Economist; Professor at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw; International Research Coordinator at the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw; Deputy Chair of IMISCOE Research Network Board of Directors and member of IMISCOE Executive Board; Head of Youth Research Center of SWPS University Social Sciences and Humanities; and national expert of the European Commission in ESCO (Classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations). She is author of many books, including Movers and Stayers: Migration, Mobility and Skills (Lang, 2016) and Migrants as Agents of Change (with Garapich, Jazwinska and Radziwinowiczowna, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017), and co-editor of Mobility in Transition. Migration Patterns After EU Enlargement (Amsterdam University Press, 2013). She currently leads the project on Peer-groups and migration at the Youth Research Center of SWPS University. More at: www.izabelagrabowska.com

In addition to Cambridge University Press, the 2018 Social Policy & Society Annual Lecture is partly supported by the Noble Foundation as part of the ‘Modern Poland’ project, which is a collaboration between leading scholars from the Migration Research Group at the University of Sheffield and the Centre for Migration Research at the University of Warsaw. This project is funded by the Noble Foundation’s Programme on Modern Poland (http://pomp.com.pl/en/). It runs from October 2017 to September 2019.

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 Migration Research Group Networking Event

16.05 Networking Event

Please join us on Wednesday May 16th from 1-2pm in Elmfield Room 109 for a Networking Event where new and past members will get together for a coffee, conversation and networking.