Professor David Robinson

David Robinson, Professor of Human Geography, Department of Geography

David joined the University in November 2016 as Professor of Human Geography. Much of his career has been spent at the interface of knowledge and action. His research has focused on exposing contemporary challenges in urban society and critically analysing the response of policy and practice.PrfDavidRobinson

Before joining the University, David was Director of the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University. He has
been Principal Investigator on more than 25 projects funded by a range of organisations, including AHRC, ESRC, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Department for Education, Department for Communities and Local Government, Home Office, Department of Work and Pensions, Welsh Government, regional assemblies, local authorities and registered social landlords. He is joint managing editor of the journal Housing Studies.

Much of David’s work on migration has focused on housing issues. This interest grew out of his research on racial inequalities in the housing system. He was commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to undertake the first study exploring the housing pathways of new migrants in the UK. His work subsequently focused on dissembling political and popular discourses about the impacts of migration on the housing system and exposing the reality of scarcity, instability and precariousness that characterises the housing experiences of many migrants in the UK. This included analysis challenging popular narratives about migrants in social housing, which informed the discussions of the Migration Impacts Forum and a report of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission on the allocation of social housing.

His work has also focused on processes of integration and community relations in the context of new migration. This included a number of major evaluations for the Home Office exploring local initiatives funded by the European Refugee Fund and the European Integration Fund. A key feature of his work has been an attempt to insert an appreciation of place into analysis of migrant experiences, community relations and processes of integration.

Some relevant articles

  • Platts-Fowler D & Robinson D (2015) A Place for Integration: Refugee Experiences in Two English Cities. Population, Space and Place, 21(5), 476-491. View this article in WRRO
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Some relevant reports


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