Gosia Jakimów

Department: School of East Asian Studies

Job title/role: Lecturer in Chinese Studies/Politics

Email: m.jakimow@sheffield.ac.uk

Personal website and social media details:

Academia.edu: https://sheffield.academia.edu/MalgorzataJakimow
University website: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/seas/staff/chinese/gjakimow

Current research:

I am currently working on the book project about migrant worker NGOs and the role of marginalised groups in citizenship transformation in China. This research is based on extensive ethnographic research and in-depth interviews conducted in China. I am also working on comparative study of post-communist countries’ experiences of labour activism, the relationship between political citizenship and labour activism, transnational civil society labour networks in China and the role of migrant workers in the contestation of global cities formation in China. I am also developing a new research project on the impact of the New Silk Road on Central-Eastern Europe, focusing on migration dynamics. My research engages with literature on migration, citizenship, identity, civil society, labour, IR and IPE.

Research interests keywords:

* Critical theories of citizenship

* Internal migration in China

* Labour politics in comparative perspective

* Transnational civil society

* Urban exclusion and global cities formation dynamics

* New Silk Road and EU-China relations

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