Hannah Lewis

Department: Sociological Studies

Job title/role: Vice Chancellor’s Fellow

Email: h.j.lewis@sheffield.ac.uk

Personal website and social media details:
Twitter: @drhjlewis

Current research:

I am interested in contingent social relationships and spaces, particularly how immigration policy and processes of migration shape migrants’ everyday lives and experiences of work, community, leisure and transnational relationships. In my recent work I have investigated experiences of forced labour among refugees and asylum seekers in England. This work is published in the book ‘Precarious Lives’ (2015, Policy Press) with Louise Waite, Stuart Hodkinson and Peter Dwyer, and led to work with nine civil society partners in the Platform on Forced Labour and Asylum which produced workshops and resources published on the Forced Labour Awareness website (www.forcedlabourasylum.org.uk).

Research interests keywords:

*Forced migration

*Everyday experiences of immigration policy


*Forced labour

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