Hannah May Fletcher

Department: Sociological Studies

Job title/role: PhD Student

Email: hmfletcher1@sheffield.ac.uk

Personal website and social media details:

Twitter: @HannahMayFletch


Current research:

My PhD explores the implications of Brexit for dimensions of belonging among British-born white residents in England. I’m interested in opinions towards whiteness, migration, multiculture and ethnicity, alongside senses of belonging and national and place based identity. The work will explore the role of the white British population’s anxieties in the context of the Brexit vote and the associated high profile discourses surrounding migration, identifying emerging formations of whiteness and nationalism. It also seeks to advise how best to foster cohesion and belonging in an established diverse multicultural society.

Research interests keywords:

  • Critical whiteness studies
  • Migration studies
  • Nations and nationalism
  • Theories of ‘race’ and racism
  • Sociology of class
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