Shahla Mehrgani

Department: School of English

Job title: PhD researcher; Sociology instructor at the University of Sheffield International College (USIC)


Personal website and social media details:,

Current Research: The significant role of religion in world-building enterprise (in Sheffield Baha’i community)

This study builds on Peter Berger’s theory of the social reality of religion by applying his conceptual framework to community-building within the Baha’i community of Sheffield, both through their sacred scriptures and their activities. Peter Berger (1967) theorised the role of religion in community-building activities by introducing the process of nomization, the establishment of a sacred order for a religious community, as well as outlining the three stages for this process, externalization, objectivation and internalization (Berger, 1967, pp. 3-4). This thesis will use Peter Berger’s conceptual framework to interpret Baha’i scriptures.  It will demonstrate the different stages of the establishment of the Baha’i Administrative Order, which is considered as a nomos and a sacred order for Baha’is to reach their ultimate goal of the New World Order of Baha’u’llah, i.e. the Unity of Mankind. The thesis also presents an analysis of findings of fieldwork. It examines how the concepts and teachings from the Baha’i scriptures are interpreted and acted upon in the everyday life of followers to fulfil the ultimate goal of the Unity of Mankind.

Research interest keywords:

– Sociology of religion

– Migration

– Sociology of knowledge

– Gender studies

– Philosophy of social science

– Social deviations

– Politics

– Globalization

– Sociological theories

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