Panel Migration and the Social Conditions of the Welfare State

The so called “progressive’s dilemma” stipulates that there is a conflict between open migration policies and extensive redistribution through the welfare state. One aspect of this dilemma rests on the claim that citizens will not be willing to redistribute if they perceive recipients to be different from them. Ethnic and cultural difference is seen as a potential threat to the shared identity that the welfare state is premised on. Migration and asylum, as well as citizenship and integration, policy in Europe can in this way be seen to be driven by the premise that immigration undermines the social conditions of the welfare state. The result may be more closed borders, more restrictive citizenship policies and policies aimed at integrating or assimilating immigrants into a shared national identity. The normative and empirical relationship between on the one hand trust, solidarity and cohesion, and on the other hand, immigration, is consequently crucial to understanding the progressive’s dilemma.

This panel invites papers on these and related themes.

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