The Migration Research Group at The University of Sheffield is an interdisciplinary network of scholars conducting world-leading and high impact research on global migration and mobility. Our approach is informed by a broad understanding of migration encompassing motives for migration, impacts on sending and destination countries, as well as the broad range of effects (legal, social, economic and political) and experiences of migration in various geographical regions.

We are an institutional member of IMISCOE, Europe’s largest network of scholars in the area of migration and integration. More information about IMISCOE here.

The network aims to connect migration scholars and research students at the University of Sheffield, facilitate collaboration, and showcase research and activities. Throughout the year, members organise a variety of high-profile events including lectures, conferences, workshops and networking activities that bring together academics, students, policy-makers and activists from across the UK and internationally.



◊ Join the mailing list and become a member by emailing migrationresearch@sheffield.ac.uk◊ Follow the network on Facebook and Twitter.◊ Attend events, meetings, and informal gatherings.


◊ Use the mailing list to involve others in the organisation of workshops, seminars, and other activities.◊ Explore the network’s funding opportunities◊ Organise seminars, workshops, lectures, and conferences with other members of the network.◊ Involve others in research projects und publications


◊ Showcase your work on the network’s website by emailing migrationresearch@sheffield.ac.uk. Update us on any migration related research activity.◊ Share about activities on your social media outlets.◊ Enhance your profile by creating reports about your activities – working papers derived from workshops, pictures and reviews of past events, special issues, etc. and email them to migrationresearch@sheffield.ac.uk.


Network co-directors
Dr. Majella Kilkey (Sociological Studies)
Professor Louise Ryan (Sociological Studies)


For general enquiries, please email: migrationresearch@sheffield.ac.uk
Follow us on Twitter: @SheffieldMRG

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