Veronica Barnsley

Department: English

Job title/role: Lecturer in 20th and 21st Century Literature


Personal website and social media details: @MaterialSSheff

Current research: I am currently researching a book on the ‘postcolonial child’ in South Asian fiction that addresses the way in which children and childhood are used as a ‘lens’ through which to view democracy, social inequality, migration and ecological disaster. I am also beginning a project on youth and health in writing from Nigeria that explores the potentiality but also the risks and dangers associated with large youthful populations.

My interest in migration has led me to set up a creative arts project for refugees and asylum seekers that enables experiences of migration to be explored and communicated in order both to give the participants a ‘voice’ and to engage the public in considering these issues in new ways. Material Stories is also a scoping exercise for a larger-scale project that will use poetry, theatre and art to investigate and reflect on the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers in Sheffield, Manchester and Salford. Our webpage is hosted by Storying Sheffield here.

Research interests keywords:

Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures

South Asian Literature in English

West African Fiction

Representations of Childhood and Development

The Child in Film