Postgraduate Network

The Migration Research at Sheffield PGR/EC Network

The Migration Research at Sheffield Postgraduate Network is a cross-disciplinary research community formed by postgraduate researchers.

The aim of the network is bring together a diverse range of PhD students and early career researchers from different disciplines interested in migration research to create a forum in which to share ideas and foster future research. In order to accomplish this goal, the network is looking to:

* Create opportunities for PhD/postgraduate researchers to discuss and showcase their research, preliminary research findings and other ‘work in progress’ with a critically engaged audience.

* Provide peer support in the development of our research projects by encouraging critical thinking and innovative approaches

* Increase the depth and range of migration research projects and opportunities within these universities.

* Create links and dialogue with academics and institutions working in migration.

Annual Migration Postgraduate Research Conference: The aim of the workshop is to provide a space of discussion and dissemination for early career researchers working on different topics and across different disciplines in relation to migration. Last year’s conference featured world-renowned refugee studies expert,  Professor Alexander Betts, Director of Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University. His presentation can be viewed here. We are pleased to announce that this year conference will be Dr Nando Sigona, University of Birmingham.

This year conference will take place on June 15th. You can see the call for abstracts and submission links here. The deadline to submit abstracts is Friday 10th March, 2017. 

Reading Group: We have established a reading group, each month organised by a PhD student from a different department focusing on a variety of aspects of migration studies. For more information, please email

Seminars: The idea is to have one or two seminars in the semester to invite academics willing to discuss their research in Migration. We are also considering seminars in specific topics related to our research such as “Fieldwork in Migration Research” and “Innovative Research Methods in Migration Studies”.



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